Something from her love and sacrifice lives in all of us, the ones who know her. Mother of two children, a math teacher full of energy and dedication, class master and parent, model for generations of students, high school principal for a while, Stefania Albu has always given the best of her for the sake of the others. She didn’t spare herself. She always gave: time and soul, trust and advice, energy and joy of life,  love.

But a silent disease was growing somewhere inside of her fragile body, which was consuming itself. The disease was spreading in silence but constantly and rapidly. It was only in October 2014 that the illness came to light. The diagnosis: clear for the doctors and overwhelming for us, those who love her. Breast cancer, stage IV, with metastasis in the lungs, bones and somewhere between the heart and the lungs – in the mediastinal area. The possibility of a surgery is not an option. The result of the biopsy reveals the fact that the cancer cells can be hardly stopped from spreading. Triple negative, which means that the disease cannot be treated or at least restrained with hormone pills. The rate of multiplication is 80%. There is only one standard treatment available, namely chemotherapy. She is overwhelmed by complicated medical information, long cycles of treatments, side effects that prove to be more and more serious and unbearable. Fighting the disease becomes exhausting. But Stefania continues to stand ground with courage, faith and patience.

At some point, someone told us about Dr. Burzynski’s clinic in the USA: a clinic, in which targeted therapies are used against different types of cancer. It is our new ray of hope. We quickly translated the medical reports and sent them to the clinic. We received the reply that Dr. Burzynski has already treated patients with the same diagnosis and with good results. But in order to go to his clinic in Huston, Texas, and to do a complex genetic test, so as to to receive a personal treatment plan and for the first targeted therapies she needs 50.000 USD.

So we thought to turn to those with a generous heart who would like to stand beside us in this predicament. Any good thought or information, further communication of this message or amount of money is of substantial importance and will offer hope to her and us, those whose lives she enriches.

Any donation is welcome in the following accounts:

LEI:     RO60INGB0000999904942563

EURO: RO81INGB0000999904942573

USD:   RO97INGB0000999904942576


Bank: ING Bank

Account holder: Stefania Albu

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