Waiting time

We are living these days with full hearts: a mixture of patience and anxiety, but also of enormous gratitude towards all the people who have helped us with the hope of our soon leaving for USA. These are days rich in meetings and presents received from all who stand by our side. In order to repay the incredible amount of kindness we have received and to meet the expectations and hopes of these wonderful people, we have occupied our time with the formalities necessary to obtain the USA visa. The appointment for the interview is on the 20th of May. Also, we have contemplated the possibility to have the genetic testing done before the journey to the Burzynski Clinic. We have learnt that this set of genetic analysis and immunohistochemistry testing called OncoDEEP Clinical Plus can be made by the OncoDNA Laboratory in Belgium and costs 3677,7 Euros. The results of this test are required by the specialists of the Burzynski Clinic in order to establish a personalized treatment plan. The Romanian doctors have given us their full support so that the biopsy should be sent immediately to this laboratory, and the transportation of the paraffin blocks has been prepared this Friday. The results are expected in 10-12 days.

Again, we would like to express our deepest thanks to all the people who are close to us during this waiting period. We do know your love is building a bridge for us over the Atlantic ocean. But we still need your help.

So far, we have managed to raise 91 234,22 Romanian Leu, 3 353,21 Euros and 4 390 USD (in total almost 31 540 USD).