News from Houston

Our little girl is playing with some crayons which she is taking from the trailer of a toy truck. We repeat in English: orange, pink, red, brown … There are two more children in the lobby of Burzynski Clinic. They are also playing with the toys taken out of an old trunk. The walls of the room are crammed with pictures and thank you messages of Dr. Burzynski’s patients. We are waiting. We are waiting for my mother to finish the treatment for today.

So we arrived in Houston, Texas. We left Romania Saturday, May 30th – mother, daughter and granddaughter. Three ages, three faces of the eternal feminine, modeled in clay, with their hearts all full of the same desire of everlasting life.

The trip was long, with a stopover in Frankfurt. The flight from Frankfurt to Houston lasted about 11 hours, a true sample of resistance for all three of us. At Houston Airport we were waited for by Father Mirel Tudose and his wife, who welcomed us warmly and led us to the motel where we were accommodated. It was raining very hard.

We celebrated Whit Sunday together with the Romanian community gathered around the St. Mary Magdalene’s Orthodox Church in Houston. After the Holy Liturgy, we attended a festive meal and an artistic performance organized by the children in the parish to celebrate International Children’s Day. We were greeted with much love as if we were special guests.

Monday, June 1, we met a medical team composed of Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski, Dr. Gregory Burzynski (internist) Dr. Z. Yi (oncologist). After examining the latest medical reports and imaging investigations, the doctors explained to us the need for a treatment which would lead to tumor and metastasis remission. They proposed a treatment plan that includes tablets of antineoplastons, a milder and easier to tolerate chemotherapy, together with another medication for the immune system. This week, Mother started the treatment with these drugs, which were introduced gradually in order to monitor possible side effects.

We would like to thank all the good people who have helped us to get here, people who we carry in our hearts and thoughts every day. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to Father Mirel Tudose and all wonderful Romanians in Houston who help us with their dedication and care.

May you have blessed days and lots of joyful moments!

A warm hug from Houston!


At our departure from the country (May 30th), your donations totalled 130 611.94 RON, 4 566.71 EUR and $ 5 282.83 (in total almost $ 42 622.50).

May God reward your love and generosity!