Home again

We returned from America Thursday, June 25. The night between 24 and 25 June has melted somehow while flying over the ocean, as we were crossing through the air against the direction in which the sun was moving… A trip to the country, home, in the east. A journey during each we impatiently waited for the dawn almost without sleeping a wink.

We arrived home with our hearts full of hopes and being deeply aware of the fact that the fight against the disease must continue.The results of the genetic tests showed that in addition to the initially prescribed treatment, our mother’s disease can be attacked with two targeted drugs that match the genetic profile of the cancer cell.Shortly before leaving America, mother tried these drugs with the intention to go on with this treatment once she reached home.

Thus, the final treatment plan is complex, containing antineoplastons, anticancer drugs, nutritional supplements, vitamins, drugs to reduce the side effects of prior chemotherapy; also, a diet recommended by a nutritionist doctor working at Burzynski clinic.

The American experience was an opportunity to meet extraordinary people who carefully and kindly looked after mother. The Burzynski clinic doctors and personnel , the father and Romanian people at the church in Houston, you, the ones who wrote us and sent donations while we were already there … A special surprise was a visit from a former student of the first generation in the high school mother has taught in, George Vasile, who crossed America from the East Coast to the West Coast to meet mother for two hours and to make a donation. His gesture really impressed us.

Now we can only hope that mother will be able to go on with this treatment back in the country for as long as needed. As you can imagine, this is a long and very expensive treatment, especially because the two targeted medicines are not among the compensated cancer drugs in Romania.  We can only pray that her body responds better to treatment and resists this true „assault” of tumor areas by taking lots of pills (sometimes more than 40 tablets a day!) And we know, feel and believe that you wholeheartedly support us.