The new treatment

Time passes, and the treatment must continue. Slowly, slowly, the medical supplies that we have brought with us from the clinic are consumed. Some drugs have already finished and now we must  purchase them here, in the country. The doctor in Bucharest shows willingness, however, only one drug may be covered by the health insurance, so we have to buy the rest at full price. The monthly costs of the treatment are huge, but we do not fear. We are hopeful.

We must buy the antineoplastons straight from Burzynski Clinic in exchange for $ 4,500 per month. The other prescribed drugs are available in Romania, at lower prices than those in the US, but still too expensive for what we can afford. The total cost of all the prescribed drugs is around 35,000 RON per month. And in 2-3 month time, we should return to the clinic in America for the doctors to assess the results of the treatment. All this seems impossible to us. But we know that they become possible through prayers and your support.

Thank you for the joy of going on living  each day!